January 12, 2015

Journey To The West Server Migration

To decrease the lag in their game Journey to the West, Cubizone has recently issued a statement announcing a server migration.

Attention Warriors,

In giving you the best gaming experience there is, our main aim is to stabilize all gamers' connectivity for smooth gameplay. Which is why the management decided to migrate our server on Wednesday, January 14, 2015 starting at 9am (GMT+8). Server migration will take an estimated working time of 7 hours. During this process, players won't be able to access their Journey to the West Accounts.

Furthermore, we would like to inform everyone that our upcoming Monday regular server maintenance will be cancelled to give way of the transition.

Please log out your account before the given time to avoid any inconveniences.

Thank you.

Happy Cubizone Gaming!

Credits: JTTW FB
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