January 12, 2015

DragonNest KR Red Dragon Nest, Level 80 Abyss Expansion

While Dragon Nest SEA has just recently received the level 80 expansion, we DN players already have something to look forward to as the Korean counterpart has just released he patch notes for another exciting patch update!

Level 80 Abyss Expansion

3 new level 80 abyss dungeons are added. The rewards for the new dungeons include Dragon Heart, Hero Talisman & Blessed Talisman.

Staggering Ancient Street

Corridor of Entangled Memory

Passage of Broken Memory

Red Dragon Nest Memoria P1

For the first time, the dragon raid memoria is released ahead of the dragon raid itself. 2 stages from Red Dragon Nest are included in the part 1 of the memoria dungeon. The first and second bosses are King of Pain and King of Flame respectively.

Level required: Lv80
Party size: 1 - 4
Rewards: Red Dragon Scale (craft materials for S-grade Red Dragon armor), Life Essence

Skill Plate Effect Change


* CD -> +Duration
* CD Reset -> + Damage

Shock Transition

* MP -> Activation Chance

Magical Breeze

* CD -> + Duration
* CD Reset -> + Damage (+20% FD for epic grade)

Cheating Point

* +Damage -> -CD


* Cooking system revamp

* Addition of 80S Ladder Armor
* Addition of PvP defensive and offensive plates and talismans

* Addition of 80B Talisman (Priestess shop sells 80B Talisman Essence)

* Another season of Dragon Hunting

* Ice Palm becomes translucent (PvE)
* Force Mirror EX PvE debuff range doubled
* Chainsaw Tower changed to same color as the rest of the party
Credits: MMOSite
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