January 12, 2015

Softnyx Unveils Teaser Site for Project NTD

Softnyx, Co., Ltd. finally launched a teaser site (http://ntd.softnyx.net/) for its latest anticipated title Project NTD on Jan 8th 2015, which is under development.

Project NTD is a full 3D MMORPG. Softnyx is planning to unveil the development process and relevant contents of Project NTD via this new teaser site. We could preview the illustration of part of characters and monsters in Project NTD.

Project NTD will be hold its CBT on March 2015.



Key Features
-       6 Races (Ambrion, Tomu, Jadis, Human, Igo, Dokuma) and 2 Realms (Apocalyptos and Station Union)
-       Unpredictable field battle among 2 Realms on the planet: Rakoon and Raptun.
-       About 2,000 quests with humor and mini games that you can’t feel boring
-       31 instant dungeons those need party play.
-       Speedy Action MMORPG: As non-targeting based game, fast moving, attack and defense should be used at a proper time.
-       A guild quest which guild members complete together and rewards will be distributed to whole members.
-       Meteoric war: Representative guild in each realm fight with opponent realm’s guild in order to occupy Meteor.
-       Meteor Mine: If your realm occupy meteor, all players belong to the realm can use Meteor Mine. Representative guild which leads realm to win can charge meteor fee to other players.
-       Phantom Cube: All monsters from instant dungeons will show up. If you reach higher rank, the rewards from cube will be better. Compete with other players to reach higher rank!!

Read more and join pre CBT event at teaser site(http://ntd.softnyx.net/).
Project NTD Facebook International: https://www.facebook.com/NTD.International

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