December 15, 2010

Sorry Eminem, But Life is A Nintendo Game

Life is a video game. Unfortunately, this one doesn't have any walkthroughs.

It's an RPG and you're the hero. There are a variety of skills for you to learn, but since you only have a limited number of slots, you have to choose carefully which ones you're going to get. All of those skills are essential but whichever you pick, they will all be useful to you. It will depend on how, when and where you will apply those skills in order to win your every battle.

Pick Your Skills!

Just like any game, you can't move to the next level without going through the dreaded boss fight. Bosses are huge, with the power to crush you effortlessly. That is, if you want them to. Because you know they're coming, you save your best skills for them. You save your super deadly combo and make sure you have plenty of potions just for this crucial fight.

You know what's really cool about this game? You acquire instant partymates along the way who are all willing to buff and resurrect you infinitely with every fight you encounter. They can even act as mercenaries for you, willing to fight for you any second you wish to summon them. Sure, you may be battling a Level 50 demon when you're just at Level 10 but you don't have to worry about that. Your party's right there, ready to come to your rescue.


Life is one cool video game. You can hit "Pause" when you're tired but you know you'll return and try to defeat that monster who keeps getting in your way. There's no "Game Over" here. The game only ends when you choose "Quit".

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