May 30, 2011

Are 18+ Games Moneymakers?

In the first half of this year, the Korean game market is almost flooded with adults-only MMOs, such as TERA, Dragona Online and Dark Blood. Recently, mobile games have also been promoted for adults only. Can developers really shake money from adult games?

In point of adult games' advantages, freedom is their greatest feature. Since the release of Korean game rating system and the late-night gaming ban, game developers have begun to aim at male adults aged 20-40 with more 18+ games, because those players will keep stable and have stronger purchasing power. In this way, game developers and publishers won't worry about their profits. That's the main reason why adults-only games are very popular now.

So far, Korean adult games have achieved much in the market. With averagely more than 10,000 online users every day, adults-only games make both casual games and E-rated games ashamed. One of the adults-only blockbusters is Dragona Online endorsed by Japanese AV star Aoi Sora.

Dragona Online has indeed attracted many adults due to its in-game adult content and healthy public propaganda. Furthermore, the game's auto-move, auto-attack and stock systems enable office workers to get relaxing and happy gaming experiences.

CR Space's Seven Souls Online appeals to adult players with sex, nudity and gambling themes.

The oriental fantasy MMORPG Seven Souls Online highlights unique in-game mini games and wins the hearts of players in the name of purely adults-only content. It is also the origin of Korean adults-only game in recent years.

Nexon also takes a fancy to adult games, though it has plenty of teenage players. Legend of Blood, developed by Nexon's subsidiary - EXC Games is just an 18+ game. The game publisher Ndoors also expressed that this game was specially designed for officer workers and housewives, which did clarify the game's adult genre.

Additionally, through Liveplex's non-stop publicity to Dragona Online, players gradually get to know that 18+ games contain different implications, that is, active and healthy game content, which lays a solid foundation to the high popularity of 18+ games in the first half of this year.

According to the marketing director from CR Space, because of the game rating system, a majority of game companied have turned their attention to 18+ MMOs. In the light of Seven Souls Online's operation situation, adult game market is quite promising and has potential. He also hoped more high-quality adult MMOs could be developed in the future.

Credits: MMOsite

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