May 16, 2011

Final Fantasy Developer Square-Enix Hacked

Another victim of being hacked after Sony is the Final Fantasy developer and publisher Square-Enix(SE). This MMO developed and published tycoon SE is now suffered a very tough time.

The hacking will make SE get worse after it suffered $148.33 million losses last financial year. Not long ago, SE issued a full-year financial forecast which saw its projected net income drop 90 percent to $12.35 million on sales of $1.60 billion. The company even decided to cut down the game development budget to overcome the financial problems. They canned Gun Loco, which was once planned to be a violent third-person shooter game for the Xbox 360.

Besides the financial crisis, the problem which deserves SE's attention is how to prevent more data from being leaked right now. The hacking results 80,000 users' data at Deus Ex, a subsidiary company of SE, being stolen along with 9,000 resumes from Eidos have been made. However, SE says the loss is far less in reality. The only thing comforting Deus EX users is this website does not hold any credit card information or code data.

According to Krebs on Security reported, the hacking might have been carried out by members of Anonymous, the same group that is allegedly responsible for last month's PlayStation Network attack.

Credits: MMOsite

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