July 27, 2011

Dragona PH: Transforming MMORPG

Dragona PH's Pre-beta Phase starts tomorrow, July 28, at exactly 2 PM.

There are plenty of MMORPGs out there that sometimes it gets boring already when I hear about a new game coming up. However, Dragona made me take a second look.

Dragona and Dragonica may sound alike but believe me, they are definitely two different games and personally, Dragona pwnz Dragonica.

The distinguishing point that this game has from the others is the unique ‘Dragona’ system, fusing the players’ character with a dragon and with it empowering them with amazing abilities. Body parts that can be transformed are the head, arms, feet and torso. This results in a power increase in magic, attack, speed, and defence power, respectively. This fatigues the player both mentally and physically, and no matter how strong the player is, the dragon power can never be maintained for a long time. To satisfy the energy needed to maintain the Dragona state, energy must be consuming from absorbing other creatures.

Defeating other creatures is the main objective of the game, and while some can be defeated just by speed and skill, some may require a more logical approach, and the right skill upgrade in the right area may be all it takes to defeat certain creatures. The four character classes; Human, Eldin, Kali and Catcha, each have their own strong points in terms of skill, and all come in a Male and Female gender class. This gives a total of eight different characters.

Download links:


Megaupload Part 1
Megaupload Part 2
Megaupload Part 3

Fileserve Part 1
Fileserve Part 2
Fileserve Part 3

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Official Site
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Credits: MMOgamesite, Gameclub

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