July 26, 2011

Survey: Female Gamers Love Gaming More than Sex

A new survey found female online gamers prefer gaming over any other activity including working out, taking baths, shoping and even having sex.

What do female gamers enjoy?

It is a survey of 2,052 people commissioned by Doritos. According to the survey, 49 percent of women play online games, while men, 50 percent. It suggests that women play computer games not less than men. Moreover, women play online games for longer periods of time than men. Women in the survey spent an average of 3.5 hours playing online games each week. 23.1 percent of women's time online is spent gaming, compared with 22.3 percent for males.

The survey was commissioned by the snack maker to coincide with the launch of its new Facebook game, Doritos Dip Desperado.

"Social and mobile gaming is hugely popular and, as the survey reveals, amongst women as much as men," said Doritos marketing manager Hugo Amos. "We wanted to create a game that is fun and entertaining for everyone. It will be exciting to see who tops the Doritos Dip Desperado Facebook leaderboard over coming weeks."


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