December 14, 2011

Dragon Nest: Apocalypse Nest Guide

Now that we are going to drift far from the Level 32 world of Cerberus and Minotaur, Dragon Nest brings another Nest to conquer and brag about the moment we finish it: Apocalypse Nest!

Initial reports of metallic materials were discovered in the Foothills of Black Mountain… Followed by sightings of a creature with glowing eyes moving along the shadows.

We have confirmed our suspicion…A creature of great evil is descending upon Lagendia: Judge Apocalypse.

Walk through for the Apocalypse Nest:

The white ghost sometimes acts weirdly in judgment, skills cannot hit it every time. Generally, it is easy for players to pass this stage, as long as they pay attention to getting away from the boss’ chasing eyeballs. Don’t face the boss directly, just stand with your back towards it and you won’t be hit by its chasing eyeballs.

First Stage: The ghost is afraid of light. This stage is somewhat similar to the first one. If only players are careful to the boss’ sickles, which can easily interrupt skills, they are able to pass this stage with ease.

Second Stage: 5 Black Fog bosses are waiting for you there. Deal with them along with your party members to clear this stage.

Third Stage: Your primary enemy here called the The Spirit. AOE skills may ensure that no little spirits can disturb you. If you have a priest in your party then you clear this stage facing the boss head on.

Fourth Stage: This stage consists of spiders and cobwebs, having Elemental Lord in your party gives you the edge and having a priest may boost greatly your chances of not dying. Spiders can be damaged by fire spells considerably.

Last Stage: Here you will find the Thunder Beast. The boss will bump you at first and then generate electric current. You can only avoid it when standing right in front of or behind the boss. You must get close to the boss when it takes out things from its mouth, otherwise, you will be badly injured. To deal with the boss’ jumping cleave, jump at an opportune moment in defiance of the small electric pole.

Next, it is the real smasher, the final boss in the Apocalypse Nest.

A lot of players complained that the final boss is the hardest in the Apocalypse Nest, but other bosses are easy to cope with. Nevertheless, in my eyes, compared with the previous bosses, the final boss is as weak as a dog or a cat.

The final boss’ skills generally include: roar, bomb once at a fixed location, rotate jumping cleave 3 times, surrounding laser light, rotary rays, thrust forward claws attached with 2 light rains sometimes, bomb 3 times at a fixed point and distribute paws when only 2x HP bars are left.


This skill can deal very high damage, but it is often cast after the boss roars or thrusts forward claws. To defeat the final boss, all classes should move constantly rather than stick to one place. Don’t think you will be safe outside the pink area. This skill is determined by your position and its effective range seems strange. Even though you have a distance from the pink circle, you are likely to be hit. Therefore, move from time to time and don’t crave for more damage, or else you will be beat painfully.


The boss will perform some actions before rotating. It is easy to avoid. The boss won’t let off its hatred to a fixed target, instead, it aims at a person randomly. Again, don’t crave for more damage, or else you will be beat painfully.

Jumping cleave 3 times

Since you go to challenge the Apocalypse Nest, certainly, the Lion Scorpion is not a problem for you. You can dodge this skill without effort. I think this skill is used too infrequently, twice at most or even never in a fight.

Surrounding laser light

Pay attention to the boss’ paws, don’t stay where its paws have gathered, because you will be hit easily. I haven’t found any prepositional actions before this skill, but it’s not difficult to dodge. Even if you are hit, you can get rid of it with a flash. Being attacked once will reduce your 2000 HP.

Bomb 3 times at a fixed point

When the final boss flies and emits pink rays, disperse quickly instead of continuing to deal damage and run in the form of A. If you are hit once, you will be attacked continuously and 30,000 HP will be lost at a time. Once again, don’t crave for more damage, or else you will be beat painfully.

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