December 16, 2011

Dragon Nest SEA Holds Another Tournament Via The Razer Online Series PvP Tournament!

Let Razer Online Series take you to whole new levels in the competitive gaming scene.

Boasting of cutting edge technology unlike any other, Razer Online Series gives you minute precision and unparalleled speed for the ultimate gaming experience, all bundled in an impeccably stylish body.

Stretch to your full gaming potential with Razer Online Series in Dragon Nest SEA PvP tournament today!

Get ready to brawl in the Razer Online Series PvP Tournament! This time, we invite all Dragon Nest SEA players from around the region to show off their chops where they can stand to win cool Razer prizes worth up to US$4,500!

Think you have what it takes? Gather your mates in teams of 4 and sign yourselves up for the greatest challenge ever!

Registration: 19 – 26 December 2011

The tournament will be split into two categories – Amateur and Pro, so everyone can join in the fun. Registration fees and prizes will differ accordingly:

Registration fee for Amateur category: 4,000 CC per team

Registration fee for Pro category: 20,000 CC per team

Please ensure that you have enough CC in your account before registering

Event Schedule

Registration: 19th - 26th Dec 2011
Bracket Release: 27th Dec 2011
Round 64/32/16: 28th Dec 2011 - 13th Jan 2012
Quarter Finals-Finals: 15th Jan 2012

For more information, please visit:

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