December 16, 2011

Soccer Viva Online Closed Beta Starts on December 20!

The Closed Beta of Soccer Viva Online is almost here now, and here we are announcing the date of the Closed Beta test.

The Closed Beta will begin on Tuesday December 20 th at 02:00 pm (GMT +8). The goal for this initial phase is to test our server architecture and find out if there's any bug in the game. All the data of the closed beta test will not be clear even the closed beta is ended, and will be carrying on to the open beta test.

Learn more about Soccer Viva Online!

•  Daily friendly matches --- Exhibition

Exhibition will be the most football matches you will keep in touch in the game, you can see all the other football teams' created by the other players data in the menu, and you should try to challenge them to level up you manager's skill and get your gold as your team's fund, there's will be a limited that you can only challenge with the exhibition 5 times every day.
•  To find out your strength level in the world --- Ladder

Ladder is kind seasonal matches calculated with Ladder match scores; every season of ladder match has 4 weeks duration and the Ladder match score will be reset as 1000 points after the season ends. Once you have join the match, the system will help you to select a opponents whose strength is similar to you, and have a match with each others, Any win or lose will cause the increase or deduct of the ladder match score of your football team. You must complete at least 3 ladder matches every day so that the system can calculated the corresponding honor according to the current ladder match scores, and you can try to hire a coach for your team or get the senior cards which are the famous football players with your honor points. Join the Ladder matches always cost you nothing so it is recommend you to join this match as many as you can.
•  Get challenge with the big confidence --- Challenge

In the game, if you have a big confidence with your football team, you can create a challenge with condition and challenge fund for all the other managers' team, or try to pay the challenge fund to take the challenge create by the other managers. Although you can only create one challenge each of the time, every team whose meet your challenge condition and take your challenge to win your fund or lose his fund to you. And the challenge room will be shut only if your loss meets your Stop Loss Limit. So it could be a fastest way to find the fund for your team if you have confident that your football team is strong enough.

•  Rule and defend your throne of football --- Arena

Arena is a kind of knockout matches hold on every day; you have to pay for the required fund to join this tournament. If you can win all the 8 rounds of arena matches, you will become LeiZhu who needs to defend your throne of it, and win the 50% voucher award in the award pool, every more players try to challenge the arena will award you the fund until you have been kicked from the throne. Also, join and win the every matches of arena will give you Arena Match Points, with the winning rounds and Arena Match Points you will get more award from arena. It is time for you to take rule of the throne of arena now.
•  Accurate predictions and strength --- Cup

Cup match is also a kind of daily knockout match of the game, after you joined, you will gained 100 gold for each match you win, and you can gain your you World Cup Score (we will introduce it later) if you rank in the top 128 in the Cup match. Also you could try to guess the winner of the Cup with your football players, if you guess it right, your football player's strength will be level up 1 level, or it will be decreased if you guess it wrong. Joining this match also won't cost you anything so we recommend you to join this match more actively too.
•  Step to the professional --- League

There will be a League match every week, and every team will be automated join the match if their rank of the team has meets the rank requirement. Most of the division can win their award fund but lose nothing in the match. All the managers can bet your gold and try to guess the champion of the selected division that week; it would be a big challenge to your sight as a football manager.
•  To be the top of the world --- Viva World Cup

In <>, there will be World Cup too and hold on every month.
Only the top kind of teams will be choose to join this big event of the game. The match is very likely to the reality World Cup, winning the World Cup or being top 8 of the world cup won't let you earn any fund, but a more valuable award --- the legend football players like Gullit, Van Basten, Rijkaard…etc. So try hard to strength up your team and aim to be the top of the top!

•  Football style of the manager --- Talent Tree

After you have meet to level 10 and choose your career, you may get 1 talent point for each leveling up. You need to spend the points to the talent tree, which is the skill of manager, and may affect and help your team to follow your football style.
The talents can be classifying to three kinds of styles --- Aggressive, Balanced and Defensive, find out a good style for your football team would be a big help to road to victories.
•  Wills of the perfect partners --- Players Will 

You may notice that some of the players may have a little skill name in their data file, but you won't know what it is --- it will be used in the Players Will.
In Players Will you may find many kind of skill with the buff to the football team, to active them we need to find out the football players who've got the required skill and makes a skill combo for it. The skills are very strong and helpful for your football team, so it is recommend you to find out the combo and the related players for it as fast as you can.

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