October 2, 2012

Dragon Nest SEA: Giga-Update!

A futuristic evil ancient weapon in an all new Nest, an enraged Sea Dragon that just went Hardcore, an improved Dark Lair, a new system to transfer Hidden Potentials between equipment, and much more - all packed in store for you in this Giga-Update!

Gigantes Nest

Delve into DN SEA’s Giga-Update and be blown away by the technological marvel
that is Gigantes - a giant mechanical construct created by the Evil Ancients as their
secret weapon in the War of the Ancients.

Who knows what other mysterious arcane dangers lie ahead of you in this long forgotten archaic coven of the Evil Ancients… Only one thing is for sure - Gigantes is here!

The Gigantes Nest can only be accessed through the mystical Garden of Time and Space in Saint Haven.

Players may obtain [Fabricated Deodand] from Dimensional Rabbit Boxes from
Lotus Marsh dungeons on Abyss difficulty.

The Evil Ancients safeguard their secrets with advanced weapon and security systems that are out of this world. That, and Disco Fever Mummies. Yes, you read that right!

Defeat the technologically superior Gigantes and harness some of that Evil Ancient alien technology for yourself in the form of the Immortal Set!

Sea Dragon Nest

So you think you’ve bested the mighty Sea Dragon and that that makes you one badass Dragon Slayer? Then step up to the real challenge - Sea Dragon Nest Hardcore Mode.

In this mode, the already challenging Sea Dragon Nest is now even more brutally difficult as it throws everything against you and your pitiful party as if it had a personal score to settle…while offering even more powerful legendary rewards!

Dark Lair Update

The Dark Lair gets better with improvements in this Giga-Update. Let’s take a look at some of these new enhancements:

Item Potential Transfer System

With this Giga-Update, you are now also able extract and transfer all the awesome Hidden Potentials you’ve unlocked on your old equipment unto your new equipment through the use of [Potential Extractors] in 3 simple steps!

*Potential transfer is only applicable when:
- Equipment is Epic grade and above
- Equipment is of the same type (Eg: sword to sword, axe to axe)
- Equipment are of the same level or 1 level range above (Eg: Lv. 32 to 40 and Lv. 40 to 50)
The targeted equipment does not already have existing Potential stats
Potential Transfers do not affect and are unaffected by either Equipment Suffixes or Enhancement grades
[Potential Extractor] cannot be traded
[Potential Extractor] cannot be gifted from Cash Shop
[Potential Extractor] may be purchased with either Cherry Credits or DN Points

Credits: Dragon Nest SEA
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